Our story

The Masseria Pernice, the historical residence of the Sallier De La Tour family, is located in the area of Monreale, nestled in the Valle dello Jato, among picturesque hills and vineyards. It was 20-years ago when landlords Domitilla and Filiberto Sallier de La Tour restored their home and opened it to their guests.

All apartments overlook the traditional courtyard located at the centre of the mansion, and are adorned with cobblestone, bougainvilleas, jasmines, roses, and climbing geraniums.

Once a granary and rooms for farmers helping the de La Tour family during the grape harvest, the lounge and apartments are now exquisitely furnished with antique family pieces, Sicilian ceramics, and period prints. The Masseria has preserved its traditional atmosphere, flavours and appeal, and is immersed in a splendid garden backed by hills covered in pine and eucalyptus trees

The Mansion

The Apartments

The four apartments are located in the spaces previously occupied by the historical farm, in total harmony with the surrounding facility. Each apartment bears the mark of the unmistakable charming atmosphere of the mansion, offering a warm stay to all guests. Two apartments are located on the ground floor, with entrances on the yard. The remaining two are located on the first floor, with a view of both the yard and pool area.

The lounge

A former granary, it is now the heart of all activities during winter, holding into itself the cordial and convivial atmosphere offered by the Masseria Pernice, particularly in the colder seasons. It is the main reception area of the mansion, able to accommodate refreshments, meetings, parties, and any other events in a warm and cosy ambience. The lounge is enriched by a large fireplace and a loft looking over the vegetable garden.

The courtyard

Rich in natural scents and colours, it is the heart of the mansion: a spacious area that ensures a cherished sense of privacy, in due part to the surrounding walls. It is the ideal location to meet and converse comfortably, while enjoying the sun and surrounding scents of the countryside. Overlooked by all apartments, one can access both the lounge and the pool from the yard.

The Pool

Surrounded by luscious greenery and rolling hills, the pool offers all the amenities desired for a comfortable stay in total relaxation. In warm seasons, the pool is the main guest attraction of the Masseria Pernice, perfect for spending a tranquil day or a superb reception. With entrances from both the lounge and the yard, the pool, which gracefully reminds guests of nature’s surrounding colours, is equipped with two garden houses, and leisure, barbecue and bar areas.

The kitchen

At the Masseria Pernice, we base our cooking on carefully selecting ingredients, as well as on traditional methods of preparation. Owing to our long-standing relationship with sustainable food producers, we operate in total respect of nature, always preferring fresh and locally-sourced products.

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Our services


Available in all rooms and common areas


Free private parking


All apartments are equipped with a TV


Access and pool towel included

Room cleaning

We provide an every-day cleaning of the rooms (Laundry on request 10€)


Fresh and locally sourced produces only


Each apartment maintains an independent system


A minibar can be found in all apartments